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The Palms Private Residence Club - Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica

The North Pacific area of Costa Rica has been the most popular destination for Americans to purchase

second homes for their families. The tropical country has become a favorite d

estination for tourists and

retirees, and an intriguing market for real estate investors. Now there is a new

real estate option

available for buyers -- The Palms Private Residence Club


Situated on Costa Rica's most exclusive beach Playa Flamingo, The Palms i

s only 45 minutes from Liberia

International airport and 25 minutes from Tamarindo. With world-class arc

hitecture and amenities,

owners are just footsteps away from the white sands of Playa Flamingo and have an abund

ant amount

of activities at their fingertips including scuba diving, snorkeling,

fishing, surfing, and more. There are no

new developments in this region of Costa Rica and at this time none are p

lanned. Additionally, there is

no other property in Costa Rica that has access to a pristine and privat

e beach like The Palms. Many of

the beaches have public roads between the hotels/developments and the beach.

At The Palms, there is

nothing separating the property and the beach.

With the Four Seasons Costa Rica residence club sold out, this is the onl

y other intriguing option

available for potential buyers to purchase a slice of paradise in Costa Rica.

Since The Palms is a private,

member-owned residence club, it's designed to offer owners unlimited, flexible usag

e of the Club's

luxurious furnished Villas and variety of amenities. Each of the 32 residences on

the ocean's edge offer

2-story, 2-bedroom villas with 2,300 square feet of living space and pan

oramic Pacific views. Ownership

starts at $129,000.

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